Is the parking open to the general public?

No, the parking service can be provided only to cruise passengers. Any accompanying persons can use the parking spaces for the time strictly necessary for cruise passengers unloading and loading.

How can I do to change the plate number of my car if I have made a mistake or if I have changed my car?

The plate number shall be changed by having access to the reservation using the PIN number received together with the Booking Confirmation Form.

Which parking number do I have to book?

During the reservation, it is not possible to book a specific park number. Upon arrival in the port, the passenger will be directed to the dedicated parking.

At what time can I arrive/ until what time can I stay in the parking?

In case of reservation, the vehicle is authorized to the access from 00:00 a.m. of the day of beginning of the reservation and will be able to exit within 12 p.m. of the day of the end of the reservation. Outside this time, the Client who has booked shall pay the outstanding sum before leaving the parking space. Assistance at the car park is available by pressing the button on the automated tellers and/or the entry/exit columns of the parking areas. For further information, please see the Tariff, the Parking Rules and the General Terms and Conditions, published on our homepage.

Are there connections to Venice?

Piazzale Roma, entrance door to the Historical City is reachable on two minutes trip, by using the people mover, a teleguided monorail system, which stop is located just in front of the port area entrance.

Alternatively, it is possible to reach St. Mark Square directly with a 20 minutes trip, by using the public or a private transport carriers. All the tickets are available for purchase within the port area in the 103 place.

Are the parking areas covered?

The parking areas are uncovered, fenced and located inside the port area equipped with a customs point.

Are the parking areas secured?

As stated in the General Terms and Conditions, the service is provided without any obligation to guarantee the surveillance or safekeeping of the vehicle parked and the use of the parking spaces does not imply the receipt for safekeeping of the vehicle. For further information, please see the General Terms and Conditions, published on our homepage.

Are the parking areas monitored?

All the parking areas are video surveilled. All parking areas are located inside the port area equipped with a customs point.

How can I do with the luggage?

Upon the arrival at the port, the personnel will tell you where the baggage drop off point is located, where you can deposit your luggage before going to park the car.

At the end of the cruise, in case you want to leave your luggage in the port, you can use the left luggage deposit service available during the days when ships are embarking and disembarking cruise passengers from the beginning until the end of cruise operations.

I am a Passenger with Reduced Mobility (PRM), do have I to book?

For a better fruition of the service, PRM passengers must notify their arrival by booking a parking space using the dedicated PRM section in VTP’s Web site. The service for PRM customers is free of charge but they must display on the dashboard of their car the PRM placard as per DPR (decree of the president of the Republic) 495/1992. In the event that, during the control activities performed by VTP, the holder of the PRM placard cannot prove to have used the parking service personally, failing the exemption, it will be asked to pay for the entire period of stay in the parking according to the displayed tariffs.

Is it possible to book and pay on-site?

The booking of the service involves the pre-payment. It is possible to use the service even without reservation but the availability of the parking space is not guaranteed.

Is it possible to book by phone?

No, the reservation can only be made online and involves the pre-payment of the service.

I have a reservation but I have cancelled my cruise: can I have the reimbursement of what I have paid for the parking?

The Client is entitled to cancel the contract, without providing any reason and at no charge, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the Acceptance E-mail.

After this date, and up to 48 hours before the expected day of the beginning of the reservation that as stated in Tariff published on the web site starts from 00:00 am, a penalty equal to 65% of the amount paid by the Client when placing the Order will be withheld; thereafter, it will no longer be possible to cancel the booking.

For further information, please see the General Terms and Conditions, published on our homepage.